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    Have you noticed failing gutters around your home? Need new doors and windows? Fortunately, D & S Scurry provides exterior remodeling services for customers in Caseyville, IL, and throughout the surrounding St. Louis Metro area. As a family-owned business, we know it’s important to work quickly and efficiently for guaranteed satisfaction. Don’t’ wait – call our staff for an estimate of your project today!

  • Exterior Remodeling Services

    • Guttering
    • Seamless Gutters
    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Soffit & Fascia
    • Doors & Windows
    • More…
  • Residential & Commercial Guttering

    Whether at your home or business, guttering plays a big role in helping maintain the lifespan of your home. The guttering carries rainwater away from your home and foundation, which helps maintain a strong roof, siding, structure and foundation. D & S Scurry provides complete installation, repair and inspections for customers in the St. Louis Metro Area. All new guttering is custom-fit on-site to ensure a flawless look that your neighbors will be jealous of!

  • Gutter Cleaning

    Clogged gutters? Clean them out with service from D & S Scurry. Over time, gutters will accumulate dirt, leaves, debris and more. Clogged gutters can hamper their ability to drain water away from your home, putting your home at risk for roof, siding, foundation and other damage. Regular cleanings help maintain your guttering to help it last longer and function more effectively – talk to us about gutter cleaning.

  • Gutter Guards

    Anyone that’s ever done it knows that cleaning your gutters is a no fun, dirty and often dangerous task that all homeowners must confront at some point or another. D & S Scurry Construction can provide installation of gutter guards that can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on this task. While these won’t completely eliminate the need for occasional gutter cleaning, they reduce the amount of leaves and other debris that’s able to fall into your gutter system. Gutter protectors come in various styles and materials, providing varying amounts of protection, durability and design appeal. A trained professional from D & S Scurry can help you what type of gutter guards will work best for you!

  • Seamless Guttering

    The beauty of seamless gutters is that they’re cut from one long piece of metal that’s custom formed to the specifications of your home. This minimizes the number of seams; thereby, eliminating leaks. Benefits of seamless guttering include:

    • Extended gutter longevity
    • Improved drainage
    • Prevents foundation and roof damage
    • Prevents wood rot and structural problems
    • Prevents water damage
  • Soffit & Fascia

    While often overlooked, soffit and fascia are a vital part of the exterior of your home for two reasons. First, they blend the siding, roofing and trim work all together to create a seamless home design. Second, they protect the corners and overhangs of your home’s exterior. We provide soffit and fascia installation and repair. Contact us about your soffit and fascia if you notice any of the following problems:

    • Leaking Gutters
    • Insect Infestation
    • Water Damage on Interior Walls
    • Frost in the Attic
  • Types of Fascia

    • Metal
    • Aluminum
    • Vinyl
  • Replacement Windows & Doors

    Add comfort, style and beauty to your home with new windows and doors

    Rely on D & S Scurry to install new windows and doors at any commercial or residential location. In fact, we provide a talented and experienced team of window installers who understand how to measure, size and custom fit your windows or doors to look flawless.

  • Deck Construction

    Wish you had a way to enjoy the beautiful weather? Contact D & S Scurry about custom deck construction for your home in the St. Louis Metro Area. We help with all facets from design to installation, and work to your specifications for size, material and budget. Don’t let your backyard go unused – call D & S Scurry for a free consultation today!